Que es gesara nesara

Los explosivos en el World Trade Center fueron plantados por agentes de la CIA y el Mossad y detonados a control remoto desde el edificio 7 que fue demolido por la tarde para ocultar el origen del crimen.

Es capaz de Manifestar y Crear… materializando todo aquello que en su Interior concibe… quien lo gesta desde el Ser…. Muchas son las personas inertes, ancladas en la norma y en las formas que… se dejan llevar por corruptos que manipularon el Sistema…. Bank el S. En el tiempo, tal vez en el espacio, brota la libertad latente de civilizaciones que habitan lejanas galaxias…. Somos materia, cuerpos en los que se cobijan almas en estado transitorio.

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Creo sinceramente que la respuesta se encuentra en la conciencia de cada uno de nosotros. Somos todos diferentes, al igual que las huellas dactilares, no hay una igual a otra.

Evidentemente no tenemos las respuestas adecuadas. Vida tras vida volvemos a encontrarnos… quienes se han enfrentado han de zanjar sus diferencias… quienes dejaron tareas no concluidas han de completarlas… quienes eligieron regresar para ayudar… encuentran multitud de ocasiones para llevar a cabo su labor…. Cuando la magia de la vida se acaba… se emprende el viaje del alma… a tierras desconocidas, a otro mundo, tal vez a casa… llenos de seres que convivieron con nosotros.

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Todas estas personas las hemos votado para que nos gobiernen, pero no para que nos destruyan. Al final, que Dios se apiade de nosotros, nos proteja y nos ayude si se equivocan… e ilumine a los poderosos para saber lo que tienen que hacer.

Y cuando el creador se va, su memoria queda en todos los que le quisimos y amamos, su obra.

Qu’est ce que le NESARA

El ser humano enloquece y la mente se convierte en barro; ella, necesita regenerarse y pensar… La humanidad necesita llenarse de esperanza, de humildad, un volver a empezar, sin destruir, ni matar, construyendo la vida…. Al parecer, miran hacia otro lado….

que es gesara nesara

Asistimos impotentes, llamando, gritando en silencio… a los gobernantes, a la justicia que pongan el mundo y dejen ya de hundirnos en la miseria humana; que hagan un mundo donde reine la cordura, la paz, el amor, la justicia, la libertad, porque son ellos, los gobernantes, los que construyen o destruyen el camino del futuro de la humanidad.

Ya es hora de un cambio donde exista justicia, igualdad para todos, libertad, paz y sobre todo sinceridad y honestidad. El hombre juega a la mentira aparentando verdad, creyendo que el ciudadano es necio, falto de entendimiento.

Las masas se levantan… y la historia se repite. A un pueblo se le puede atemorizar, subyugar, pero no se le puede amordazar. El derecho de la libertad y la justicia nos ampara. Creo que a muy pocos. Estos seres humanos y otros muchos son los esclavos vestidos del siglo Sin embargo no todo es ni tan blanco ni tan negro. Pero… todo cambia… …todo evoluciona y… …tan solo es necesario que… una sola persona, que… un alma despierte para que…. Tan solo espero que… …cada persona reflexione, observe como actuaron a lo largo de la historia….


Llega la hora del despertar, de sentirnos unidos a nuestros Hermanos de las Estrellas…. Y aunque muchas son las personas que desconocen lo que ya se manifiesta, tras la espera en la que… TODOS nos encontramos, se va gestando lo que sentimos… lo que creamos….The proposals were never introduced before Congress.

NESARA has since become better known as the subject of a cult-like conspiracy theory promoted by Shaini Candace Goodwindoing business as "Dove of Oneness", who claimed that the act was actually passed with additional provisions as the National Economic Security and Reformation Actand then suppressed by the George W. Bush administration and the Supreme Court.

que es gesara nesara

Goodwin's conspiracy emails have been translated into several languages and have a large following online. Harvey Francis Barnard —a Louisiana State University graduate in systems philosophyand an engineering consultant and teacher, created the NESARA proposal during the late s and early s.

Based on a theory that debt is the number one economic factor inhibiting the growth of the economy, and compound interest the number one "moral evil" and reason for debt, Barnard made several other attempts during the s to draw political attention to the problems he saw in the US economy, and his suggested economic recovery proposal based on the root causes he determined.

After these did not succeed, he decided in to release the proposal to the public domain and publish it on the internet. It is claimed that the new law was to be implemented at 10 a. Supposedly an earlier gag order issued by the Supreme Court had prohibited any official or private source from discussing it, under penalty of death. Goodwin often claimed that Bush officials were attempting to hack into and bring down her web site to prevent her from publicizing the law.

One supporter, Sheldan Nidleties the imminent NESARA announcement into his years-old prophecy of an imminent large scale UFO visitation by benevolent aliens occasionally on his website reports, but more prominently in his videos, [12] seminars and public appearances.

The News Tribune has traced the story behind at least some of these photos photos of trucks driving around Washington, D. He denied that NESARA had been enacted into law or even assigned a tracking numberand condemned Goodwin's allegations as a disinformation campaign. Pointing to the fact that Goodwin, Lee, and Nidle frequently solicited donations from their readers, they accuse these leaders to be primarily interested in securing a steady stream of income for themselves.

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These include a " channeled " cosmic being called " Hatonn " [26] an android Pleiadeanand another named Sananda. Pallas Athena is regarded as being the Vice-Commander of the saucer fleet. Ashtar Ashtar Sheran is regarded in these teachings as being third-in-command.

Bush as a disguised reptilian often co-occurs with this claim. The prominence of failed prophecy also lends support to the cult theory. These claims have been made too many times to enumerate, without ever coming to fruition. It was prophesied that spiritual beings and UFOs would intervene with Bush's plans and prevent the war.

The woman's daughter said the actual amount is much larger, in the hundreds of thousands. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The News Tribune. Retrieved 21 April Together with humanity, all love warriors of the white light will now put an end to cabal deceit as well as re-institute universal truth and justice without further delay or negotiation.

Remove USA, Inc. Forces the USA, Inc. That includes Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and the Philippines. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items, are exempt from the sales tax. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals will be issued into public circulation.

The Deep State has been losing power all over the globe, inasmuch as its DC — Washington dictatorship is being threatened. Their control is swiftly coming to an end. They never expected this, so they are not prepared for it. Their lackeys in governments all over the world find themselves in deep trouble. People do not believe or trust them anymore.

They have been exposed and must face the wrath of the people whom they have willingly have oppressed. President Trump visited the UK, for only one reason: he intended to confront the Queen and ask her for the return of all that was stolen. The Queen surrendered, as revealed by the fact that she walked behind President Trump when inspecting the guard of honor, which has even been broadcasted on mainstream TV.

He did not want pomp and ceremony from the Queen. He has the respect of all who seek truth. It certainly was a shame that there were those in England who set out to disrespect him.

Libro (TMM072) «NESARA & GESARA (I)… Creando Prosperidad, Paz, Unidad»

They displayed their own ignorance, while they should have been wishing him every success. Politics is a dirty game. Trump is not a politician, so he is free to follow his own conscience. This is why there is such a huge effort to remove him from office. The Cabal is terrified of him because they cannot control him.

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Never in the history of the world has there been such an effort to remove a President from Office. Be prepared and be on guard, as things now are moving forward fast. Banks are closing and this will leave many people stranded without the necessities of life. The changeover should take approximately three weeks. Those who are corrupt and their helpers will be removed as they cannot move forward. They have become part of the Cabal because of the work they have been doing for them.

It made them feel important, but they will pay a very high price for it. The endless wars of the Deep State were imposed upon us without ever having clarity as to what the ultimate intentions really were, such as the demolition of ancient and modern cities, the maximization of casualties and damages. To foster compliance on the part of NATO and other governing bodies, domestic false flag terror attacks, even in the United States such as those that occurred on September 11,must continue.

The targets, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy will be first and foremost on the list with Iran being blamed for them. We must pray that Trump and the Alliance are able to complete their mission from which the whole of humanity will benefit.

Some of the — suppressed — technology is being released, that goes back 70 years or even longer. Paper Money and banks will eventually disappear. Coinage will not, because money and banks are tools of the cabal to control the populace through their debt-based economy which ensures the people will never prosper. All funds from exchange or redemption will be deposited directly into your own personal account within the QFS — Quantum Financial System — not a bank.

To participate in the exchange process, all banks that exchange and redeem will only act as an agent of the QFS. They will also be a source of information about the QFS and will explain how the QFS is to be used, and they will have the necessary software package for people to gain access to the QFS system being implemented for the people to access and use their funds.

There will also be a website address provided for all further explanation.Katheryn E. Shekina Rose. Apertura del Templo. Mensaje Semanal Nov. El Anuncio de la Nueva Tri-Unidad.

Abril Aqui y Ahora! Adele Parini Mensaje del Reino de la Luz sobre las desinformaciones que se difunden en internet!

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Mensajes sobre los Arrestos! Javascript is required to use GTranslate multilingual website and translation delivery network. Desmontar el complejo militar incluyendo silos y bombas nucleares, fue lo primero. Poner en vigilancia a la Tierra para que no entraran naves al servicio del Plan de la Cabal. Exiliar o eliminar a los Reptilianos era uno de los pasos iniciales para poder hacer esto real. Tercero: desmontar la estructura de poder Iluminati o Cabal.

Cerca de personas en todo el planeta. Eso lo han venido haciendo. Tomar control de las instalaciones secretas de la cabal. Una apertura a conocer y dialogar con muchas civilizaciones. Como ven implica la ruptura y cambio a nuevos paradigmas. Respeto a toda forma de vida. Reconocer que la Tierra es patrimonio Universal no propiedad de alguien o algunos. Reconocer a la Fuente Creadora, Consciencia Universal, como parte de cada uno de nosotros, de todas las civilizaciones existentes.

Yo Soy el que Yo Soy. Tenemos un nuevo gobierno y finalmente por primera vez en nuestras vidas, sabemos que somos ciudadanos libres de este planeta. Wow, los fondos son para liberar a la humanidad y forzar una nueva gobernanza. Saludos, amada familia! Reforma es la clave. De hecho, es el estilo de vida de todos.The Blues, who have been without Charly Musonda and Kenedy in recent weeks, also have "two or three" undisclosed doubts.

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Joe Cole joins the team on Premier League Live Joe Cole joins the team on Premier League Live Watch Chelsea TV free this Christmas. Christmas comes early for Chelsea fans. Watch Chelsea TV for free from December 8-18 on Sky channel 421.

West Ham have won just two of their last 22 Premier League games against Chelsea (D4 L16), losing both matches last season 2-1. Manchester City 2-1 West Ham Manchester City 2-1 West Ham Half of the eight Premier League defeats that Chelsea have suffered under Antonio Conte have been in London derby matches - Arsenal, Tottenham and Crystal Palace (twice) during the Italian's reign. See 2017 out, and the New Year in, with a bang. There's more than 50 live games on Sky Sports this festive season.

Upgrade to Sky Sports. This will be the 41st consecutive Premier League matchday in which David Moyes has started in charge of a team in the relegation zone, breaking the Premier League record. Eden Hazard has been directly involved in seven goals in his last eight Premier League games against the Hammers (four goals, three assists). Chelsea 3-1 Newcastle Chelsea 3-1 Newcastle Nine of Manuel Lanzini's 15 Premier League goals for West Ham United have come in London derby matches (60 per cent) - this includes two in his last two against Chelsea.

These aren't the games that matter for West Ham. I know it is a London derby and they don't like each other. I don't expect them to get anything from this, but if you lose to Arsenal and Chelsea it isn't too bad. It is the games against Stoke, Newcastle and Bournemouth that matter most. Chelsea are a superior football team by far.

West Ham's battles are still to come. Chelsea have turned a corner, and have some good fixtures coming up, so I expect them to be putting pressure on Manchester City. Festive Football on Sky Sports See 2017 out, and the New Year in, with a bang. Yes No The feedback you submit here is used only to help improve this page. Get Started You might also like Blog Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions 3 sample templates to use today Download the Template Webinar 10 Expert Tips for Building Effective 360 Assessments Watch Now Resource Five Competencies for CX Success The ultimate guide to Customer Experience Management Download the Guide Ebook 7 Tips for Writing Great Questions Simple tips to get the little things right Download the Ebook Blog Determining Sample Size How to ensure you get the correct sample size View Post Blog Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions 5 sample templates to use right away Download the Template Resource Research Success Kit Content and templates to help you run exemplary, impactful studies Get the Kit.

Over 3 million IELTS tests taken in the past yearDo you want to book IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration purposes.A critical vulnerability found in the Windows Malware Protection Engine required an emergency Microsoft patch, but one expert.

News roundup: The man responsible for the 2016 Uber data breach is a 20-year-old from Florida. Plus, Ethiopia reportedly targeted.

Get ready for the CISSP exam with this 10-question practice quiz covering key concepts in Domain 5, including access control. Network automation gets a boost with new Juniper Bots apps for DevOps testing and network anomaly tracking. The apps are set for. Barefoot Networks has introduced packet-based monitoring software, called Deep Insight. The new product uses data processed on.

How long will CLI remain a dominant operational interface. That's one of the key questions network analysts are asking in this. IBM's first Power9 servers, fueled by Nvidia technology, aim to establish a foothold in the AI market, as well as loosen Intel's.

Data center storage architecture is getting faster and more resilient. Before you jump straight into adoption, it's important to. Increased IBM mainframe security comes by way of pervasive encryption. Understand this new feature, and consider cost and.

The proliferation of database technologies gives organizations more options to meet data processing needs. The mysteries once associated with coding and application development are gradually giving way to the forces of market demand for. After Cyber Monday, Amazon Web Services techies headed for re:Invent 2017.

There, among a deluge of cloud product announcements. All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2000 - 2017, TechTarget GPT. While many sites make great use of agile development, run on the cloud and are built on Java and JavaScript, Bet365 is doing IT its own way. Add My Comment Register Login Forgot your password. Submit your e-mail address below. We'll send you an email containing your password.Element of Luck (1) 2.

True Lady's Man (5) 3. North of Hell (2) ELEMENT OF LUCK on a six day back-up and finished fourth last start at Sapphire Coast, major contender. TRUE LADY'S MAN should look to roll forward and may be caught late, include in exotics. NORTH OF HELL placed when fresh and finished seventh last start at Moruya, capable of getting into the money with a bit of luck. Mr Tickets (11) 2. Assertin Mischief (2) 5.

Penultimate Star (6) Scratched 3. Lightning Lockie (5) MR TICKETS won two of seven as a favourite and capable of finising strongly, has solid claims. ASSERTIN MISCHIEF has two placings from five runs this prep and came on to finish midfield last start at Goulburn, could threaten.

LIGHTNING LOCKIE ran 10 lengths back from the winner last start at Goulburn when first up but gets out to the right distance range and should race on the speed, place only. I Am Twisted (6) Scratched 1. Royal Casino (7) Scratched 2. Seething Jackal (3) ScratchedI AM TWISTED should look to roll forward and a winner at first outing this prep, well placed. ROYAL CASINO finished in the middle of the pack last start at Gundagai on a soft track and regarded as a strong finisher, looks threatening.

SEETHING JACKAL resumes after a 21 week spell and placed in both lead-up trials, dangerous. Grand Theft Auto (11) 7. Cappella Di Piazza (13) 8.

que es gesara nesara

Citizen's Arrest (1) 13. Cozursmart (9) GRAND THEFT AUTO back from 30 week spell and placed in both lead-up trials, well placed. CAPPELLA DI PIAZZA came on to finish midfield at only start at Canberra on a soft track, in with a chance. CITIZEN'S ARREST has two placings from five runs this prep and draws to do no work, don't treat lightly. Royal Casino (7) 1. Lady Moochi (6) 6. Back to My Bay (1) Scratched 3.

¿Que es el Nuevo Sistema Financiero Cuántico (QFS)? Explicando el NWO.

Where's Snippy (5) ROYAL CASINO placed when fresh and likely to race on the speed, hard to go past. LADY MOOCHI amongst the placegetters last start running third at Hawkesbury when resuming and gets a nice run behind a genuine tempo, each-way claims. WHERE'S SNIPPY resumes after a spell of 23 weeks and relishes the heavy, winning one in these conditions before, could threaten. Flying Flywheel (2) 5. Riverlea Honours (7) 4. Rocket Strike (4) Hard to split the top two picks.

FLYING FLYWHEEL finished four lengths off the winner at only start at Cranbourne and drops 2kg from last run, well placed. BLACKBURN ran fifth last start at Pakenham Park when resuming and up in distance, capable of getting into the money with a bit of luck.

RIVERLEA HONOURS has placed in two attempts this campaign and placed at long odds last start at Echuca, include in exotics. ROCKET STRIKE ran seven lengths back from the winner last start at Cranbourne when fresh, for the wider exotics. Tata Madiba (4) 3.


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